We all know how hard is it to keep our hair looking it’s best in the summer heat right? The Florida heat and humidity can be a woman’s worst enemy. We’re all trying to avoid that, “this heat has me like…” feeling.


If you struggle to find the right ways to take care of your hair or the right look to go with for a stylish summer switch up, we have some easy tips and suggestions to keep you looking your best this summer.

Consider A New Hairstyle For The Summer 

Sometimes change is good. Ditching the same tiresome hairdo for something more flexible and functional can make all the difference in how you feel and how you look.

The summertime is the perfect time to let loose, lighten things up and have a little fun. Whether it’s rocking bobs or braids, pixie cuts or cute updos, or just keeping it #allnatural with natural flowing curls. Keeping it light and playful yet still stylish and manageable is what it’s all about.


If you find a particular look you like, you can always show one of our experienced stylists here at the salon and we’ll be happy to help you achieve your new #hairgoals.

Hair Maintenance and Nutrients 

One way to keep your hair healthy is to introduce healthy oils into your summer hair care routine. Hair has a natural tendency to get frizzy, become dry and difficult to manage due to constant exposure to the Florida sunshine we all love to enjoy.



To help prevent further damage from both natural exposure to sun and to the heat from styling tools and products, consider incorporating the use of essential oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, almond oil and many more. Self-treating your hair at home in between salon visits with these kinds of oils can help reintroduce important nutrients like vitamins A-E, healthy fats, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and hydrating qualities.

They will not only help keep your hair strong and repaired, but they’ll also bring back some of the softness and shine to keep you looking your best. An easy hair care tip you can take advantage of when you’re in between trips to the salon.

Be Prepared To For Any Occasion 

We all know the summer brings more opportunities for fun in the sun. Between beach days, vacations, cookouts, concerts, parties and everything in between, you’ll want to make sure you give yourself the flexibility to beat the heat with



High temperatures and increased outdoor activity can cause us to shift towards more flexible and low maintenance looks, which means you should be prepared to switch to some of your favorite summer staple hairstyles that will help you brave all the elements your hair will have to face.

Whether you struggle with the humidity or just hate the feeling of dealing with the element of heat in general, there are ways to prevent the bad hair days that the hot weather throws our way.

The easiest way to prepare for your summer hair care plan is to consult with a local hair stylist. With a personal hair care consultation with one of Magic Touch’s signature stylists, you’ll be able to create the perfect look to compliment all of your summer plans.

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