If you’re dealing with split ends, battling with dry unnourished and tired tresses it’s time to treat your hair.

We understand how challenging it can be maintaining healthy, vibrant, and beautiful hair on your own at home. You may already have a regular hair care routine at home but even everyday store bought products don’t always provide the type of salon grade solutions that can properly restore the shine, nutrients and maximize the overall health.

With so many different hair treatments available, it can be difficult to choose which one is the best for your hair type or condition.

Here are five of our favorite salon hair treatments proven to improve hair health.


Botox Hair

Similar to our skin, our hair is also prone to a natural aging process and requires attention to maintain a healthy condition to combat the active loss of fullness and elasticity.

Over time, as our hair is subjected to wear and tear from things like constant application of heat, chemicals from products or colors, or even a lack of proper maintenance, it can succumb to damage that gradually weakens the shaft, tresses and ends which makes them susceptible to damaged hair or in some cases hair loss.

One common method to treat those types of effects is to receive hair botox treatments.

While there is no actual botox or injections involved in this treatment, it does involve introducing different types of fillers that help bring back shiny and healthy hair.

Hair Botox is really a deep conditioning treatment that works by coating your hair’s fibers with important fillers such as collagen, keratin, natural oils and vitamins. These fillers fill in any damaged or thinning areas throughout your strands which help to make the appearance of your hair look and feel more full.

If you’re looking for a boost to your hair’s appearance, Botox for hair is a dependable solution for more smoother and more lustrous hair. 

Chemical Relaxers and Straighteners 

For everyone who loves to let their natural hair flow, by all means keep it #allnatural and live in your look! But if you struggle to maintain it on a daily basis or don’t enjoy the upkeep, then relaxing and straightening treatments may be a good option to consider.

Chemical relaxers and straightening treatments come in both permanent or semi-permanent applications. The most common types of permanent treatments are lye relaxers, no-lye

relaxers and thermal reconditioning. Semi-permanent or non-bond breaking treatments are often referred to as brazilian keratin hair-straightening, temporary straightening, or smoothing treatments.

Relaxer treatments can come in either cream or lotion-based formulas that work to break down the bonds in your hair, changing and straightening the structure of your tresses which ultimately leaves you with softer, looser strands of hair.

The overall effect can depend on what method you choose, as you consider the ways in which you’ll be altering the naturally formed curls and textures into flatter smoother strands.

Because these treatments typically involve the use of chemicals, it’s always a better idea to skip the DIY hair treatments and trust a professional to perform these hair services to ensure safety and best results.

A consultation with a stylist is the best place to start. 

Keratin Treatments 

Some of us unfortunately know the feeling of the lifelong fight with frizzy hair. It’s not a pleasant task to keep up with managing frizzy, tangled or unruly hair that doesn’t want to cooperate.

A keratin treatment, also known as a Brazilian blowout works to replace and replenish natural keratin levels in your hair that act as a necessary component of maintaining the natural proteins that keep your hair smooth and strong.

It can transform your hair from curly to smooth and straight with results that can last for weeks.

It is a versatile and ideal treatment for nearly every hair type, but even though this hair care technique is suitable for different textures in general you’ll still of course want to discuss your particular application to ensure you’re treated with a formula specific to your hair’s needs.

The conditioner penetrates the hair shaft deep into the depths of your strands to lock in extra moisture and natural oils from the roots to the tips while also acting as a detangler.

Some of the many benefits of deep conditioning hair masks include its ability to prevent breakage, reduce or eliminate frizz, and how well it tends to help restore natural shine and softness.

A tried and true method proven to create visibly healthier, stronger and shinier hair.

Which Treatment Is Right For Me?

Many of these treatments can accomplish similar things, but each is unique in its ability to yield specific results since everyone’s hair is unique and requires its own attention and care.

Our team will work with you to evaluate all your options and find the right treatment for you.

It’s time to nourish your hair and watch it thrive! Call 321.837.0505 to book your appointment with a Magic Touch stylist today.