Do you ever have that feeling when you want to switch things up and… One of the questions people face most is how to pick the right hair color? The answer isn’t always straightforward because everyone’s hair is different. Making a decision as big as this requires several factors to consider but don’t worry, we’re here to help guide you through it.

Here are four tips on how to choose the right hair color for you.


Consider Your Current Color and Condition of Your Hair

When you make the decision to color your hair, one place you should start is by taking into consideration what your current shade of natural hair or previously colored hair is. This can help you determine which potential shades or hues will apply and look the best based on your current base.

Drastic changes in hair color from your current base to new shades, can sometimes create an unnatural or unbalanced appearance if you don’t take the proper steps to evaluate and plan for the jump from one color to another. This also includes determining whether you’re going for a permanent hair color or a semi-permanent hair dye to know whether the color will deposit into your hair or lift the natural color of your hair.

Understanding the overall health and condition of your hair is also very important. You and your stylist should assess your hair health before you commit to any coloring solutions.

If you’re working with dry, damaged or brittle hair you’ll want to consider having it pre-treated as to maintain best results after coloring. Constant use of heat styling tools and application of products with harsh or harmful chemicals can contribute to damaged hair, but a professional salon stylist can work with you to reverse that damage and create a custom formula specific to the specific texture and condition of your hair.

We’re here to help treat and safely color your hair whether it’s a full recolor or adding hints of color through tasteful highlights. 

Compliment Your Natural Skin Tone and Facial Features 

Sometimes the simplest way to pick a color is to find something that naturally compliments your complexion. The tone of your skin and your prominent facial features can affect how naturally – or unnaturally a particular color suits your overall appearance.

Keep in mind brown is not just brown and blonde is not just blonde, there are so many different levels of shades, tones and hues that it’s important to compare and contrast them as they can affect how accurate and impactful the end results are.

A professional stylist can help educate you on the nuances of your skin’s undertones and how to pair warm and cool hair color shades to match or compliment your natural glow.

Cool brown shades like chestnut, dark auburn, etc. go well with those who have skin with warm undertones. Dark brown and jet black hair shades are a classic compliment to rich and beautiful dark skin tones.


The same goes for picking a hair color to highlight those big bright eyes. Hazel and brown eyes go beautifully with many shades of dark brown or amber hair. While blonde tones are often a common and popular pairing for people with blue eyes, going with a bold red color with hints of orange can also help accentuate those green or blue hues.

There are so many ways to create a bold fresh look based on the pigment of your skin and your eyes. Magic Touch Dominican Hair Salon is here to help you find the perfect pairing. Even if you’re looking to get a little crazy or creative with your new look, we also have a variety of non traditional and trendy hair colors to help spice things up even further. The choice is yours. 

Find Inspiration On Hair Color Ideas From Popular Hair Color Trends 

Sometimes everyone needs a little inspiration. If you’ve thought about dyeing your hair and you’re just not sure what might work for you, take a look at current trends and popular hair colors to see if there is something that sticks out to you. Skimming social media and a variety of online resources can help you find examples of staple looks that may align with your style.

Instagram hashtags and Pinterest pins are a great place to start for sourcing hair color inspiration.


Keep in mind hair colors and hairstyles can go in and out of style fairly quickly, so you’ll want to figure out what type of look will maintain its health and appeal longest, whether traditional or trendy.

Natural looking hair colors have continued to maintain and grow in popularity, but playful and bright colors like pinks, purples, blues and grays have also gained momentum in the world of modern hairstyle trends.

With a biolage hair color and ombre color, you can create sun-kissed highlights, streaks and dip-dye effects that stand out and enhance your natural hair color without completely altering or overwhelming your current base color.

But keep in mind, not everything you see online will always translate to the same type of results for you when you decide to color your hair. It’s important to consult any examples or ideas you may see or find with your hair stylist so that they can understand and develop a personalized plan that works for your hair.  

Consult Color Options With A Local Hair Expert

If you’re having trouble deciding between going blonde, brunette, or even something more bold and vibrant, a trusted member of the Magic Touch team will be there to help you accomplish all of your hair goals. A consultation can help you narrow down which route you want to go, taking into consideration all of the things highlighted above in this blog post as well as getting a better understanding of your hair type and texture.

Sometimes it may seem more convenient to color your own hair at home and experiment with cheap hair color boxes to test results on your hair, but we wouldn’t recommend doing that.

Try to avoid dyeing your hair at home with store bought coloring solutions, as most of the hair dyes carried in big box stores often contain harmful chemicals and ingredients that can actually damage your hair over time if used frequently.


Hair coloring services done by professional colorists and stylists ensure custom formulas and solutions from trusted products that will generate best results to keep you looking your best when you walk out of the salon.

Our hair stylists will work closely with you to help you choose the perfect hair color. Be sure to book an appointment for your next coloring session at Magic Touch Dominican Hair Salon.


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